2019-24 Govt.

Promise Tracker

Did the NDA Government keep their 2019 Election Manifesto promises?
We evaluated 97 representative promises related to seven ministries. The results, analysis, and sources are below.

2019-24 NDA Govt. Promise Tracker

Promises Kept

18 Promises (19%)

Promises Halfway

23 Promises (24%)

Promises Broken

56 Promises (58%)

Promises Kept

Promises Halfway

Promises Broken

Total Promises


Summarising Articles

Agriculture & Environment

What The BJP Promised But Failed To Deliver To India’s Farmers (Article 14)

A civil society initiative of social science researchers and volunteers has analysed 33 promises related to the farm sector in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s 2019 election manifesto. It found a series of non-starter schemes, much lower investments towards improving farm productivity than promised, and inadequate coverage by welfare schemes…

Women, Health, Labour, Education

Key Assurances On Women, Health, Labour Forgotten (Creative Commons, Republishable)

A recent analysis by the Informed Voter Project reveals that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s pledges in its 2019 manifesto recorded dismal implementation rates. The initiative graded 42% of commitments in the women and child development sector as ‘very low performance,’ also noting significant shortcomings in the health, employment and education sectors.

Related Press Conferences



Agriculture & Environment

During this press conference, we shared the fate of 50 Promises of the NDA Government’s 2019 Manifesto: The Informed Voter Project’s Performance vs. Promise Report Card of actions on promises related to Agriculture & Farmer Welfare, and our Environment, Forests and the Climate Crisis.
Press Briefing I Report (Part 1 of 3)



Health, Labour, and Personnel, Grievances, Pensions

During this press conference, we shared the fate of promises made by NDA Government in the 2019 BJP Manifesto related to the subjects of 1. Health and Family Welfare (11 promises) 2. Labour and Employment (8 promises) 3. Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (5 promises).
Press Release I Press Briefing I Report (Part 2 of 3)



Human Resource and Women & Child Development

1. An analysis of the fate of promises made by NDA Government in the 2019 BJP Manifesto related to the subjects of 1. Human Resource Development (12 promises) 2. Women & Child Development (12 promises).
Press Release I Press Briefing I Report (Part 3 of 3)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your sources for this performance assessment?

This research and analysis was performed over a span of six months (October 2023 to May 2024) through exhaustive secondary research, and direct surveying of ‘government portals’ (eg. jaivikketi.in, startupindia.gov.in) to learn of ‘real-time’ status of actions towards fulfilment of promises between 2019 and 2024. Our research sources comprised the following categories:

  • Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Questions
  • Parliamentary Standing Committee Reports
  • Government Press Information Bureau Press Releases
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Other Independent Reports/Government Data Repositories/Websites

Specific URL Links and Reference Citations can be found alongside every promise evaluation ‘unpacking’ in our Raw Data Report.

Who does the work? Key partners?
  • Approximately 500 students and working professionals have been interns at Informed Voter Project between 2009 and 2024
  • We partner with Academic Institutions in Mumbai and Pune; students do internships for academic credit.
  • Other partners include Civil Society Organizations: Association for Democratic Reforms, AGNI, PRS Legislative Research, Sahi Nishaan, etc.
How do you ensure neutrality?
  • No card-carrying members of any political party are allowed to be full-time or part-time team members. 
  • Methodology created with, and approved by, Dr. Uttara Sahasrabuddhe (Professor, Dept. of Civics and Politics, Mumbai Univ.) and Dr. Aloke Thakore (Founder, Journalism Mentor, Founder, Sahi Nishaan)
  • Research & Analysis methodology applied to all entities using principles of social science research such as blinded ‘coding’ etc.
What are your sources of funding?
  • Individual grants from citizens of India and Indians living abroad
  • UN Volunteers Organization (Youthopia Bangladesh)
  • Corporate funding accepted only from Non-Profit Foundations of Companies (CSR) after signing a manifesto insulating the Organization from any influence on its operations
  • No funds taken from Political Parties, Media Groups or Corporate Entities

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About Us

The Informed Voter Project is a comprehensive transparency and accountability non-profit civil society organisation that helps citizens of India monitor the performance of their Elected Representatives and their deliverance on promises. Our values are transparency, inclusivity, and neutrality. The Informed Voter Project’s original website since 2009 is mumbaivotes.com.